flatbreadaffair is pleased to host its inaugural exhibition with artist
Jake Levin and Sourced Material: September 24 – November 1, 2010.

Jake Levin explores the nature and physical transformation of raw materials. His growing awareness for the economic and environmental repercussions of his chosen media- wool, hemp, latex, wax -prompted him to establish Sourced Material to explore the industry and ecology of material production.

Special Engagement Artist’s Fete
Wednesday September 29, 2010
Join Sourced Material artist Jake Levin
for an intimate evening at the chef’s table

Enjoy a plated meal of local, seasonal foods prepared by Jake Levin and chef Leah Rinaldi. This 8 course meal will include raw and cooked specialties inspired by the beginning of Autumn. Expect plenty of beets, sweet potatoes, hand made sheep’s milk delights, greens, lamb, apples and much more. Seats are $85 each. Space is limited. Please email flatbreadaffair@gmail.com by September 25th to reserve your spot and for more information.