On December 15th flatbreadaffair hosted an opening for Robert Moses, He Knows Us [A site-specific installation by Gabriela Salazar]. Our biggest opening to date, a steady stream of art lovers, urban planning aficionados and the curious at heart entered and exited Salazar’s constructed interior throughout the evening.

all photos (c) Heather M. O'Brien

Outfitting 180 Nevins with everything from chairs, curtains and pillows, to a cross walk inspired rug, Salazar transformed our home gallery into the visual embodiment of signs and directives. Curator Pristoop familiarized guests with the artist, the concept and the show through her playful and informative exhibition brochure.

Guests were welcomed with wine and a stop light trio of dips accompanied by our customary spelt flatbread; all handmade by Chef Rinaldi. The red pepper, yellow beet and yogurt, and spinach dips had everyone coming back for more.

Guests were delighted by the evening and so were we! Please enjoy the photos from the show! Join our mailing list and keep your eye out for information about upcoming events!

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