The opening and dinner for Zehra Khan: Beastly Habits were PHENOMENAL!! The opening on Wednesday night went off without a hitch. The work looked spectacular in the space and Khan’s airborne car added to the playful spirit of the evening. Without a doubt, the most exciting part of the night occurred when Khan staged a photo installation during the opening! With her 36 x 91″ drawing, The Beastiary, as the back drop, Khan set the scene in our office space.  She arranged her Rat muse on a blanket of rodents and posed her furred creation to investigate the odalisque in art history. It was incredible to see the artistic practice unfold. The process was immediate and constant and developed collaboratively between the artist and her subject.  It was also fun to see the crowd taking pictures of the artist taking pictures… Speaking of which, here are some from the event:

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Stay tuned for photos and comments about the dinner…